The Locus of Life and Death

Hello and welcome to Locus: Godslayer! This comic will run for 3 years of Tuesday/Thursday updates. That’s 12 issues (24 pages each), or 4 trade paperbacks.

As you can see, LG is my first subscription-only comic. At the advice of many Locus fans and comic peers, I’ve decided to do it. Is that bad news for you? It isn’t, I promise. Check it out:

First off, Locus: Godslayer is not an ongoing comic. It will run for exactly three years. This means the subscription won’t be a bottomless pit you’re throwing money into. In fact, it’s super-easy to find out the total expense for subscribing to LG: just take the monthly subscription tier you want and multiply it by 36. That’s your total! Simple and easy.

Second, I’m using subscription tiers (as Patreon does) and stretch goals (as Kickstarter does), but I’m not using either of those services. Why? Because of you, that’s why! Both those sites are great, but Patreon takes 5% off the top and Kickstarter takes TWENTY percent.

But not here. The only middleman here is PayPal. Which means I don’t have to charge you extra just to pay off those other middlemen. You’ll be paying less for more content. I know you like that sort of thing and so do I!

(I’ll actually be putting 5% back into advertising, which will attract more subscribers and help us reach our Stretch Goals! That’s good news for everyone! Read on and you’ll see why.)

Third, you are GUARANTEED Tuesday/Thursday updates for the entire three years. You know me. I don’t miss deadlines. Haven’t missed one in 20 years (as of 2014). I don’t go on hiatus. When I start a comic, EVERY page goes up ON TIME until it’s over. You’ve seen me put out three pages a week with Locus (and Kiss 4K before that), and I NEVER missed an update. You know I’m good for it!

Fourth (and finally), Locus: Godslayer is gonna be worth your money. Silk & Honey tightened up my inking, and the coloring technique I developed while working on Locus has been perfected. The script is tight and the story is epic (subscribers will learn why). I’ll be doing different layouts (even two-page spreads) for Godslayer as well, thanks to a cool new scanner I just picked up.

All in all, Locus: Godslayer is going to be the best comic I’ve made so far. And isn’t that how it always should be? I think it is.


Since Locus: Godslayer has now ended, you will need to subscribe to Adam’s new comic, Tears Of The Dragon, to access Godslayer. Once you have created an account there, it will enable you to access the Godslayer comic here. If you have any issues, please contact us and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks!

So! Let’s talk about subscriptions. There are three levels:


Illumeni: $2/month (which works out to $72 total, remember)

This is the first level, and gives you access to the comic and its comment section. I will also be giving away the entire digital collection of Locus (all 20 issues) and Silk & Honey (all 109 pages) in CBZ format. And, once LG is done, my final gift to you will be the entire 12 issues of LG in CBZ format. That’s around 940 pages of digital comics. They look great on smartphones and tablets (I’ve tested). And hey: if you need another format, let me know!

Subscribers will also be able to order trade paperbacks before the general public. The Locus: Godslayer trade paperbacks won’t be available for public purchase until about 3 1/2 years after the start of the comic, but subscribers will be able to order trade paperbacks as they get made (once a year).

I will also be giving you free and fun goodies on a regular basis. These will usually be in the form of wallpapers for computers, tablets, phones, or whatever. Just tell me the size you want it and it’s yours. This automatically includes all covers and inside front covers, but I’ll give you any image you like so much that you want to carry it around with you. Absolutely!

You also get to vote for which comic gets made after LG. As of now there are two choices and I can’t decide which one to do next. You can help me choose!

And finally, your name will go into the credits of the last trade paperback as one of the subscribers who made Locus: Godslayer possible.


The next level is Locultist, at $5/month (total: $180 over 3 years), and includes everything mentioned above, plus:

* A one-time signup bonus of a free sketch card, customized for you! Here’s how it works: You tell me your favorite Locus character, and ask a question you’ve always wanted to know about them. I will draw a full-color one-of-a-kind drawing of that character for you on one side of the card and answer your question on the other. I’ve done a couple of these so far and they’re a lot of fun!

* The sneak-peek email list: I will put you on the list where I’ll be posting work-in-progress shots, concept art, story notes, page thumbnails, and (for those who dig them) a sneak peek at whatever the next page is. I will be sharing this behind-the-scenes stuff on Fridays.

* Every three months I will randomly select one of you at this level and give you a page of original art (plus a full-size print) OF YOUR CHOOSING. Note that the original art is brush and ink artwork on 11″x17″ 2-ply bristol board, and the print is the same size and looks exactly like the finished comic page. I normally sell these at $150 and every single person who’s ever bought one has emailed me to tell me they absolutely love it. Many people have bought more than one.

And hey, if the page you want is already gone, I’ll give you a print of it and let you pick a different one. (If you want first pick, keep reading!)


The last level is Necromancer: $10/month, which is a grand total of $360 for the entire 3-year run of Locus: Godslayer. And in addition to ALL of the above, the $10/month subscriber gets:

* Once a week G+ Hangout! I will be doing these twice a week, one for each side of the world. During this Hangout, we’ll do all sorts of things. I’ll give you a tour of my studio. Show you some other artwork. Sometimes I’ll have the camera on my art table and talk with you while I film the day’s penciling or ink work. Other times I’ll be coloring a page while we’re hanging out. Hell, I’ll even show you some of my art tricks if you wanna see them.

(These hangouts will go for an hour or so and will not be recorded.)

* Once per issue (and that’s once every THREE months) I will give away a page of original art ONLY to Necromancers, just as described at the Locultist level above. It’s a second lottery, with a smaller group.  And, at this level, you essentially get first pick at the original pages. You also get the chance to pick more often. Seven chances instead of three, if you’re counting.

* Once LG Issue 3 is done, I will be creating the first print Trade Paperback. I’ll also make a custom Locus: Godslayer limited edition Trade Paperback specifically for the $10/month tier. This TPB will have the first three issues of Godslayer in it, will have a new cover, will be autographed by me, and will be absolutely FREE to EVERY member of this level.

There you go! The three subscription tiers. Let’s talk stretch goals real quick.

Stretch goals will be based upon the monthly subscription total, and are also organized into 3 tiers:

Stretch Goal 1 is $1000/month. When we’ve hit that level, I will be giving away random stuff monthly. Sketch cards, Locus: Godslayer coffee mugs…things like that. I’ll even take requests for merchandise.

Stretch Goal 2 is $2000/month. At this level I’ll be giving away TWO pages of artwork to TWO subscribers, instead of the one page described above. I’ll still be slingin’ free merch, too.

Stretch Goal 3 is $3000/month. When we get to that point, the Spook & Moondoggie comic will run once a week, probably on Fridays. This comic will be eligible for all giveaways, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes incentives, just like LG. And I’ll do a custom cover TPB 2 for the Necromancers and give it to them for free, on top of the custom TPB 1 they’re already getting for free!

And that’s it for stretch goals.

With that said, I’m always open to more ideas. Subscribers will be more than welcome to suggest changes or additions to the above. We’ve always had an interactive relationship like that, and that won’t stop just because LG’s being published differently.

So there you go! Read over all that and pick your subscription level. Sign up, hop in, say hi! I’m ready to show this thing to you because I know you’re gonna dig it.



P.S.: subscribing to Locus: Godslayer has the added benefit of helping the comics that come after LG get made quicker. I’ve still got to tell you the story of Spook’s daughter 20 years from now, how he and Silk got married, where she got her sword, the Clan of the Fallen, John Dee’s younger years…oh, man, it goes on and on! If you can help me eat and pay some bills while I’m drawing this stuff, I can get all these stories out of my head and die a peaceful man. And you’ll get a ton of fun comics! We both win.

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